Caproco specializes in the custom design, fabrication and servicing
of Internal Corrosion Monitoring and Control Systems

Caproco has been a world leader in internal corrosion monitoring and prevention for over 50 years. Our experience was founded in the extreme working conditions of the Western Canadian oil and gas fields, where avoidance of corrosion failures related to H2S, H20 and CO2 in the crude, gas and water streams has been a major design and operating requirement. Over the years we have continued to develop new equipment based on proven technology, to offer our clients reliable and affordable solutions to their corrosion risks.

Internal Monitoring and Control Services

Caproco provides the following services related to internal corrosion process monitoring and control:

  • Monitoring Program Design
  • Technical System Specifications
  • Equipment Recommendations and Design
  • Manufacturing and/or Procurement of Equipment
  • Installation/Technical Supervision of Installation
  • Commissioning and Operator Training
  • Follow-up Application and Interpretation
  • Lab Analysis and Field Service Support
  • By providing support in areas such as: Inspection and Detection, Corrosion Audit Surveys and Monitoring Training Programs, Caproco can help you identify priority areas and recommend an effective and affordable solution to your specific needs.

    Our client base comes from diverse industries and sectors, such as:

    • Oil and Gas Production
    • Pipeline and Power Transmission
    • Petroleum Refining, Processing, Marketing
    • Water and Gas Distribution
    • Telephone and Power Distribution
    • Waste and Sewage Gathering and Treatment
    • Chemical Processing
    • Manufacturing and Fabrication
    • Government Departments
    • Consultants in Relevant Fields

    In 1971 Caproco expanded operations internationally, and we now work actively in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and the Far East.

    Privately owned, Caproco is not a division of a large conglomerate, which means that we are not susceptible to stock market pressures or corporate management trends. Corrosion monitoring is our primary focus and we dedicate ourselves to providing expert advice and products to our industry partners.

    With technology that has been proven by 50 years of industry experience, Caproco is the source of information and solutions to handle any of your internal corrosion-related needs.