Access & Retrieval System

Internal corrosion monitoring primarily involves installing a system that provides access for exposing corrosion monitoring equipment to strategic monitoring points within a process system. A key feature to any system is the ability to access the equipment at prearranged intervals to recover data, in order to measure corrosion rates. The ideal system allows access for installation and removal of monitoring equipment without interruption to the operating system. Caproco offers two such types of access and retrieval systems: Retrievable and Retractable. The specific criteria of the operating system to be monitored will dictate which of the two systems should be selected.


There are literally thousands of Caproco corrosion monitoring systems installed and operating in a variety of industries worldwide. Operators of processing facilities appreciate the benefits of our Access and Retrieval System, such as:

  • No system interruption
  • Durability
  • Dependability
  • High and Low pressure options
  • Corrosion coupons that provide accurate, visual samples
  • Electronic probes with options such as remote data transmission and alarm settings
  • Injection and sampling access options
  • Easy to learn and operate (for clients undertaking their own service)

These factors all point to why the Caproco Access and Retrieval System is the most cost-effective method of monitoring process conditions and staying on top of corrosion situations.