Access & Retrieval System

The Caproco Low Pressure Retractable system provides access to systems under full operating conditions (up to 1,500 psi / 10.3 MPa). Similar to the High Pressure Retrievable system, it is not necessary to interrupt the process to access equipment mounted on-line. The key components to the system are:


Access Fitting Assembly, including

  • Stuffing Box
  • NPT Nipples
  • Union
  • Full Port Ball Valve
  • Probe/Coupon Holder/Injection Tube

Sidewinder Retractor

For systems operating over 300 psi (2.1 MPa) of pressure, the sidewinder tool is required to retract the probe/holder.

Basic Principle
The Caproco Low Pressure Access Fitting is attached to a pipeline or vessel via a weld-o-let, flange or existing valve. Depending on the existing design, the system may require depressurization in order to attach the fitting. The low pressure access fitting uses a packing gland and safety clamp design to hold the monitoring equipment in place. By using a Caproco sidewinder retractor, the monitoring equipment is withdrawn past the ball valve, which is then shut off to maintain line pressure. The low pressure fitting (stuffing box and union) is loosened off, safely discharging the pressure, and the equipment is exposed for servicing. As a safety backup, Caproco low pressure monitoring equipment is manufactured with blow-out-preventors, to avoid release under pressure.

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