Access & Retrieval System
RETRIEVER & SERVICE VALVE (3.600 psi & 6,000 psi)

The Caproco Access and Retrieval system has been used worldwide for over 30 years. Our unique design has gained wide industry acceptance due to its ease of use, dependability and durability.

The retriever and service valve have been specifically designed to retrieve monitoring equipment under pressure, through a standard 2" access fitting body. These tools incorporate many design features to ensure that they may be operated safely, swiftly and without difficulty.

Retriever and Valve kits are available for two pressure ratings:

  • 3,600 psi (24.8 MPa)
  • 6,000 psi (41.4 MPa)

Caproco retriever and service valves meet NACE MR-01-75 Sour Service Specification.

Virtually the entire retriever is manufactured from stainless steel for resistance to mechanical / corrosion damage and to ensure many years of reliable service. Seven sizes of retrievers are offered to cover most service requirements, and customer-specified sizes are available upon request.

The retriever works on a pressure balanced principle. This safety feature ensures that in the event of sudden pressure release from the system, the retriever will not telescope. The service valve provides a temporary seal at the access point while the probe or monitoring device is removed for inspection, maintenance or service.

An optional diverter hose is available so that any fluid within the assembly may be contained in a tank (as a means of sampling) or released elsewhere. The diverter hose may be connected to either the retriever or service valve.

The service valve’s compact length of 9” (23 cm) makes it easy to handle and store. Its safety features include two bleed valves. One valve bleeds to atmosphere and supplements the bleed valve on the retriever, ensuring that the pressure within the assembly may be released. The second bleed valve bypasses the service valve ball. Its purpose is to allow the pressure in the retriever assembly to build up smoothly preventing the assembly from being unnecessarily shocked. This also allows the ball of the service valve to open easily, since the valve seats are no longer under load.

One retriever and service valve may be used to service many access fitting locations. Seal and repair kits are available, and with proper maintenance and care, the Caproco retriever and service valve will provide many years of safe and reliable service.

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The High Pressure Retrievable system is not limited to high pressure applications, but is also regularly used in lower pressure systems. The design has certain advantages, such as a low profile access fitting. If an operating site has a mixture of low and high pressure points to be monitored, the use of only high pressure access fittings will simplify monitoring, as one retriever and valve can service all the fittings.