The Caproco Catalog of Products is also available on compact disc. The website Catalog has all the same Product sheets as the CD, and when data sheets are revised or new ones are created, they will appear on the website first. The CD does offer an option for customers who cannot always access our on-line Catalog.

To have the Catalog CD mailed to you, please fill out the Inquiry Form, selecting Catalog CD from the Information Request menu.


Trouble Shooting Viewing Errors on the CD Catalog.

Some datasheets in the first version of the CD Catalog include symbols using a font entitled: WP TypographicSymbols Font (the symbols are 1/8, 5/8, 7/8 and the temperature degree symbol). If your computer does not have this font, you can download it here. The link is to a self-extracting zip file, which will automatically save this font into your Windows Fonts directory. Once this font is installed, all symbols used in the CD datasheets should now be viewable. It is not necessary to install this font to view the Catalog of Products datasheets on the website.

For windows 95,98 and XP users click here to install the font.

For windows NT and 2000 users click here to install the font.

Please note: Choose "Run this program from its current location" to install the font directly. If you choose to save this program to your computer you will need to run the file before the fix will take effect.