Engineering & Technical

Caproco offers a wide variety of engineering support, technical equipment and services to assist in clearly identifying any internal corrosion problems. Our staff has expertise in corrosion theory, materials/metallurgy, lab analysis, electronics, and field installation.

General Investigation

  • Detection, Inspection, Measurement
  • Corrosion Audit Surveys
  • Failure Analysis
  • Economic Impact Evaluation

Once the problem area is properly identified, Caproco staff will analyze the situation through consultative meetings, sample analysis and potentially, site visits. From there we will make recommendations as to the best solution that will allow you to maximize your system’s potential.

Solution Implementation

  • Technical and Economic Evaluation of Preventative Alternatives
  • Specification of Preventative Measures
  • Supervision of Preventative Program Implementation
  • Corrosion Control Systems Maintenance
  • Corrosion Control Training Programs

The following table gives more details on the common areas of corrosion mitigation and prevention solutions:

  • Design and Evaluation of Optimization Programs
  • Specification of Injection Methods and Procedures
  • Maintenance, Inspection and Monitoring of Inhibition Programs
Corrosion Resistant Materials
  • Specification of Material Alloys
  • Inspection and Supervision of Installations
  • Evaluation of Corrosion Resistant Materials
  • Maintenance Inspections on Special Material Performance
Scheduled Maintenance
  • Design of Scheduled Maintenance Programs
  • Design of Monitoring Programs to Indicate Need for Repair or Replacement

Corrosion Experts
Caproco has designed and installed corrosion monitoring systems in diverse environments, such as: gas processing plants, offshore structures, drilling rigs, pulp and paper mills and chemical facilities. Our staff has worked in extreme locations such as the Arctic Circle, Amazon jungle of South America, North Sea, Middle Eastern deserts and African river basins, and understands the particular demands these climates place on equipment.