Engineering & Technical

Caproco strives to keep current on industry trends, new product development and scientific advances in corrosion detection and control. Staff regularly attends conferences and relevant tradeshows, and Caproco encourages life-long learning, to maintain our position as corrosion experts.

Caproco’s research and development program focuses on new product development for corrosion monitoring equipment. The goal is to take proven theories and design equipment that will incorporate the detection mechanism into a structure that works under field conditions.

Clients are continuously coming to us with corrosion-related problems specific to their particular system parameters. The odd time a solution is not immediately apparent, and we will work with the client in developing a custom-made solution, whether it is a new product design, modification of an existing part, or gathering other leaders from related industries to provide a comprehensive solution. Whatever your need, Caproco is your single source for corrosion detection and prevention.

Examples of new products developed in recent history are the Hydrogenase Test Kit and MIC Analyzer. These products were created to analyze microbiological activity, which can have a serious impact compounding existing corrosion problems. The hydrogenase test detects the presence of organisms that produce the hydrogenase enzyme, which in turn supports hydrogen-utilizing bacteria such as the sulphate-reducing bacteria (SRB). The presence of SRB’s can result in pitting and the production of H2S and iron sulphide deposits. The kit was produced in conjunction with university researchers, where Caproco gave input into test design, and selected testing components that would allow for straightforward implementation in the field. The hydrogenase test kit has proven to be easy to use and is an accurate indicator of microbial corrosion.

The MIC Analyzer was developed to provide a quantitative measurement of bacterial activity identified by the Caproco hydrogenase test kit. It allows the user to take three distinct measurements, which are provided in a clear digital readout.