Engineering & Technical

In order to help our customers do their jobs better, Caproco offers training programs for operators, maintenance crews, technicians, engineers and managers. These programs are custom-designed to suit your specific corrosion needs, and are focused, informative and applicable. Knowledgeable trainers, with years of field experience in various settings, will walk employees through easy-to-read material, answer questions and encourage discussion.

For example, if the training session is regarding the use of the Caproco Access and Retrieval System, trainers will give live demonstrations to instruct employees on safe and correct procedures. Demonstrations on dismantling, cleaning and reassembling tools, along with tips on preventative maintenance and trouble-shooting are given. The goal is to train your employees to be aware of corrosion issues and signs, and to give them the knowledge they need to become competent in operating corrosion monitoring systems. The more they know, the more reduction there can be in terms of equipment damage, system downtime and safety concerns.

Training programs are particularly suitable for clients outside of Caproco’s North American field servicing area. We will send you the equipment and tools, and train your staff to use them so that you can do your own servicing.