One of the key components to Caproco’s integrated advantage is our in-house production facility. Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada’s primary oil-producing region, the 25,000 ft2 (2,300 m2) facility houses Caproco’s core business functions:

  • Manufacturing
  • Quality Control
  • Field Service
  • Corrosion Analysis Lab
  • Electronics
  • Parts Inventory
  • Engineering
  • Sales

Due to demanding field conditions and function requirements, Caproco monitoring systems are composed of a variety of parts with precise design specifications. Such specifications create tight dimensional tolerances. To meet these demands, our production facility is equipped with a variety of CNC (computer numerical control) workstations, capable of producing consistent high quality components.

Production follows a rigid system of checks and balances, and all components are inspected by our quality control department, certifying them to ISO 9000 standards.

Caproco’s in-house production capabilities equate to more control over quality, price and delivery time. We have the flexibility to meet rush orders and incorporate design changes.

Having all core business functions together under the same roof leads to increased communication. Field service crews can provide engineering with evaluations of product performance, quality control can provide immediate feedback to manufacturing, and technical sales representatives are able to supply customers with comprehensive answers.

When different departments combine complementing skills in order to serve customers in the best possible way, synergy is created. This is the Caproco integrated advantage.