Caproco has built an excellent reputation in the industry based on the performance and dependability of our products. We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality product, whether it is a manufactured part, field service visit or analysis report. Quality control is not limited to just a department, but rather is viewed as an integral part of our corporate fabric. All employees at Caproco have the organizational freedom to identify and resolve problems, including the ability to initiate, recommend and provide solutions.

Caproco maintains an ISO 9000 certified quality control system to verify that all components meet required design and/or purchase order specifications. The quality control system plays a vital role in the manufacturing process, inspecting parts for:

  • Dimensional tolerances
  • Material
  • Finish
  • Compatibility with other assembly components
  • Applicable testing (i.e. weld NDT, pressure testing)

All vendors of raw material are pre-qualified by Caproco and maintain their own quality assurance programs. Raw material used in manufacturing comes with an identifying number and heat lot test report, supplied by the mill of origin.

A Manufacturer’s Record Book (MRB) is a document certifying quality control and contains all applicable information of an order, such as: a certificate of compliance, QC file numbers, mill certifications and component testing. MRB’s are available to be included with a manufactured order upon request.