Anti-Rust Protective Coating
In order to protect carbon steel components susceptible to surface corrosion or rust, all Caproco carbon steel parts are subjected to an anti-rust preventative treatment. This chemical bath process imbeds a coating of phosphate crystals to form an electrically inert blanket, smothering anodic and cathodic differences between peaks and valleys, and other surface irregularities. It is a heavyweight absorption coating in the range of 1000-2500 mg/ft2, and when combined with a paint or rust preventive oil covering, provides rust and corrosion resistance for extended periods.


Caproco can provide a wide range of protective coatings for components that will be exposed to particularly corrosive environments. Coatings can be provided to either the client’s or Caproco’s specifications. Coating applications are not limited to only Caproco fittings, but are also available for associated pipe spooling.